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FAQs for Non-Profits

  • Are there any strings attached to donations?

    No, there are no strings attached. You can use the donation however needed. Many professionals request to hear a story of how you are using the donation so that they can pass this on to the client. This makes for a great experience for everyone.

  • Are we limited to Real Estate types of businesses to feature on our page?

    Yes. At this time Spark Giving is working exclusively with Real Estate Professionals. These businesses work by referrals and the donations can be quite large. This makes it a good pairing for our program.

  • Can we send staff members of our non-profit and Board through the program?

    Yes! Imagine if every one of your staff members and board members used the program every time they bought or sold a home, refinanced their home, or remodeled. This alone could generate a large new stream of revenue for your non-profit! And if your non-profit is wanting to purchase or sell a property this could also be sent through the program.

  • Does our non-profit need to provide Spark with our database?

    There is no need to provide your database to anyone. Your non-profit gets the word out to your network and Spark provides the tools to do so.

  • How do we attract donors to our page?

    You can spread the word via your social media, website, emails, newsletters, fundraisers and any other means available. We provide tools to help with this as well! Wherever you are sharing with others about how they can support your non-profit organization, you can also point them to your customized Spark Giving webpage.

  • How do we invite Real Estate Professionals to be featured on our page?

    When you sign up your non-profit with Spark we give you detailed instructions and the resources needed to invite professionals that will be featured.

  • How does the money transaction work?

    When a non-profit organization features a Real Estate Professional on its webpage, in advance they determine a pledge amount they are willing to donate whenever someone finds them through Spark and works with them to complete a transaction. Following the completion of the transaction the professional makes the pledged donation amount through their Spark web portal (directed to the non-profit who sent the client), and is then eligible for the tax deduction.

  • How many Real Estate Professionals can be featured on our page?

    At this time there is no limit.

  • How much money in donations can we expect?

    This all depends on how well you get your page in front of your network. This is a new way for people to be able to generate potentially large donations to your non-profit. They just need to hear about it from you!

  • How much time will we need to invest?

    This is not a time intensive program. Getting into a regular pattern of spreading the word through your various forms of media is the key. We provide tools to help with this.

  • Is the donation guaranteed?

    Since the donation is a pledge from the professional, there is no binding contract requiring the professional to make the donation. It works on an honor system. To date, we have never had a professional not make their pledged donation after the transaction has closed. However, if you or one of your supporters finds out that a transaction has been completed through the program and the donation was never received, you may reach out and remind the professional of their pledge. If they refuse to make the donation at that point we will remove them from the Spark site.

  • Is there a minimum non-profit size?

    Any non-profit is eligible for the program.

  • Is there any cost to the non-profit to participate with Spark?

    The program is free to non-profit organizations.

  • What if I have a Real Estate Professional on the board or staff? Is this a conflict?

    Spark Giving actually eliminates the conflict of interest for Real Estate Professionals and non-profits. You may invite any and all real estate professionals in your network to be featured on your page, including board members and donors. This creates an even playing field for all.

  • What if the consumer wants to use the Spark Program but already has their own real estate professional?

    If they are already actively working with a professional then the program will not work for them. If they would like to suggest their professional become a member of Spark they can send them to our website where the professional can sign up.

  • When can I expect the donation after someone from our network selects a professional from our page?

    This will vary depending on the length of the transaction. Some take weeks and some, in the case of buying or selling a home, can take months to close.

  • Why do I have to have a Real Estate Professional featured on the page to start?

    The Spark program works because business professionals pledge to give an amount of their fee to your non-profit when someone chooses them from your Spark profile page. You need at least one professional associated to your profile to be able to receive donations.

FAQs for Professionals

  • How much should I pledge?

    This amount is up to you. Potential customers will be able to see what each professional is pledging and choose one. Think of it like a free market of generosity. We suggest 20% of net proceeds as a starting point. The larger the pledge the more compelling the offer will be to potential new customers, but the amount should be sustainable for your business to be able to grow and thrive.

  • How quickly can I expect results?

    You will be featured on the Spark non-profit web pages you sponsor when you sign up, and gain exposure to their supporters as they point their network to their Spark web page. This ongoing exposure over time produces new business for you when one or more of the supporters chooses your business because of your pledged donation. As a part of your overall marketing strategy, Spark helps you show your heart for your community and differentiate yourself from others in your industry. This “standing out from the crowd” can make a huge difference in your ongoing business growth over time.

    Some business leaders chose to leverage Spark by getting involved with their non-profit as a volunteer or board member. Your own networking within the non-profit, and sharing the story of your Spark partnership within the organization can help increase the amount of results you see.

    A portion of your membership fee will also immediately be applied to the Spark Giving Fund creating ongoing donations to our non-profits. You will receive the stories of how these non-profits are impacting lives and be able to share them on your own social networks.

  • Is there a minimum for the pledge amount?

    There is no official minimum. The amount you choose should reflect your generosity while keeping it doable for your business. For example, some businesses are pledging 20% of net proceeds. This should be a win-win situation for both you and your non-profit.

  • What if I want to be featured on multiple non-profit pages?

    When you sign up for membership with Spark, you have the option to be featured on multiple non-profit pages.

  • What if the consumer wants to use the Spark Program but already has their own real estate professional?

    If they are already actively working with a professional then the program will not work for them. If they would like to suggest their professional become a member of Spark they can send them to our website where the professional can sign up.

  • What qualifies as a real estate professional?

    Businesses include Realtors/brokers, builders, home remodelers, contractors (of all sorts who work on homes, land and buildings. Think plumbers, electricians, waterproofers, carpenters etc.), landscapers, lenders, architects, inspectors, insurance agents, appraisers, title agents and the like.

  • Who gets the tax receipt?

    The professional who makes the pledged donation will get the receipt.

What others are saying about Spark Giving

Thank you! I cannot wait until the new hospital is done so that we can give higher quality care to even more infants. Thanks to you that day will soon be here!

Kendell Martell de Dondiego, Service Team Directory
God's Child

What an awesome crew! it’s so invigorating to know that folks such as yourselves see a greater purpose in everyday business.

John Moon - Executive Director
Habitat Whatcom County

What a cool enterprise! I believe the framework has significant potential for real impact and goodness in the world.

Kelly Bean, Executive Director
African Road

Spark Giving sparked my business mission! I had always had a vision to integrate service and nonprofits into my real estate business but didn’t know how. This professional-looking platform and simple mission made it easier to share with my sellers and buyers. They voiced to me how meaningful it felt to be part of a larger giving network.

Dana Post
Spark Giving Realtor

Spark Giving’s model has not only enabled me to make a positive impact on the world, but it has also helped my business thrive in ways I never thought possible. By giving back to the community, I’ve seen firsthand how it can lead to increased customer loyalty, brand awareness, and even new business opportunities. It’s clear that what you give away truly comes back to you in more ways than one, and I’m grateful to Spark for showing me the power of this model for real estate.

Matt Chapman
Windermere Real Estate

It was such a great feeling to work with a Spark real estate agent because I knew that they shared my heart for helping others. It meant so much to me that when I purchased my home, a portion would go to help a family in need.

Alisa Courtney

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