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Think of it! What if every time you bought or sold a property, refinanced or remodeled your home you could generate large donations to your favorite non-profit? Now, through Spark Giving, you can and it won’t cost you anything extra.

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It starts with a spark.


Through Spark Giving you can now choose a real estate professional who will donate to your favorite non-profit at no additional cost to you!.


Invite all of your favorite non-profits to join Spark Giving! The program is free to non-profits, turn-key and works.


You can generate a $200 donation to your favorite non-profit whenever you sign up a new real estate professional.

Non-profits struggle with the endless fundraising needed to carry out their mission. It does not have to be this way.

At Spark Giving we have developed a way for you to support the causes you care about by simply choosing real estate professionals who will donate the portion of their fee to the non-profit of your choice. These donations can be very large! It’s a whole new way of making a difference that doesn’t cost you anything extra and represents a vital new funding stream for non-profits.

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Invite local real estate businesses and non-profits to join Spark Giving.

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Non-profits need new streams of giving. Spark helps with this by networking them with Real Estate Professionals who will give back.

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​Spark can make a huge difference in fund raising for a non-profit.

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Every time a supporter buys or sells real estate your organization receives a donation.

How much impact could you have?

The following is an example of how someone could use the Spark Giving program to generate large donations to their favorite non-profit. For this example we will take a fairly common scenario where a person is going to sell their current home, buy a new one, finance the loan, get insurance and remodel the new home. For each of these categories they choose to use a Spark professional.

Donation from selling current home with Spark Realtor:$2,100
Donation from buying new home with Spark Realtor:$3,000
Donation from financing the home with Spark lender:$1,000
Donation from insuring new home with Spark agent:$500
Donation from remodeling home with Spark contractor:$4,000
Total Donations to your favorite non-profit:$10,600

Example donations based on selling a $350,000 home and buying a $500,000 home (both at .03 commission) with 20% pledge from Realtor. Financing and insurance donations based on flat fee pledge amounts. Remodel donation based on 20% of profit from a contractor earning $20,000.

Spark the difference.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, or whether you organize a non-profit, Spark Giving can help you make lasting change. Still not sure? Checkout the calculators below.



Estimated Donation based
on 20% pledge from a Realtor®




Estimated Donation based
on 20% pledge from a Realtor®

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Circlewood is a community of people committed to cultivating a more ecologically-conscious faith. We are based in the Puget Sound region of Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest), but we are part of a global movement. We are rooted in the broad Christian tradition, but partner with all who seek to live in more harmony with each other and the earth.

Learn more about Circlewood »
The Lighthouse Mission

The Lighthouse Mission

Lighthouse Mission works throughout Whatcom County to break the cycle of homelessness. This is done through four distinct programs that come alongside people, wherever they are at, to offer hope, give dignity, serve, and support as they undertake the difficult work of leaving homelessness behind.

Learn more about The Lighthouse Mission »

We have helped many organizations with their fundraising.

What others are saying about Spark Giving

It was such a great feeling to work with a Spark real estate agent because I knew that they shared my heart for helping others. It meant so much to me that when I purchased my home, a portion would go to help a family in need.

Alisa Courtney

Thank you! I cannot wait until the new hospital is done so that we can give higher quality care to even more infants. Thanks to you that day will soon be here!

Kendell Martell de Dondiego, Service Team Directory
God's Child

Spark Giving sparked my business mission! I had always had a vision to integrate service and nonprofits into my real estate business but didn’t know how. This professional-looking platform and simple mission made it easier to share with my sellers and buyers. They voiced to me how meaningful it felt to be part of a larger giving network.

Dana Post
Spark Giving Realtor

What an awesome crew! it’s so invigorating to know that folks such as yourselves see a greater purpose in everyday business.

John Moon - Executive Director
Habitat Whatcom County

What a cool enterprise! I believe the framework has significant potential for real impact and goodness in the world.

Kelly Bean, Executive Director
African Road

Spark Giving’s model has not only enabled me to make a positive impact on the world, but it has also helped my business thrive in ways I never thought possible. By giving back to the community, I’ve seen firsthand how it can lead to increased customer loyalty, brand awareness, and even new business opportunities. It’s clear that what you give away truly comes back to you in more ways than one, and I’m grateful to Spark for showing me the power of this model for real estate.

Matt Chapman
Windermere Real Estate

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